Leaving the Paradise.... (back to the hell?)

"Welcome to hell", a message from my friend reads. He was with me in Hawaii and many in the conference said that Hawaii is like paradise to them. So, when we leaved the paradise, we arrived at the hell, here in dark, cloudy, and rainy Seattle.

The conference is over and the short vacation (is it?) broke the rhythm. I think I need to make some adjustments so that this week I am ready to finish one of my due soon papers.

Hey, I need to thank Indonesian community in Hale Manoa, the dormitory where I lived during my Hawaii visit. Ali and Neneng hosted us for dinner in the second night; while Anshori, my fellow Jawa Timur panel, hosted us for another dinner with very good rawon.

Pramono, Wilmar, Bambang and Mas Ubayd (Hawaii), Chozin (Athens), and Bang Zulfan (Bogor), along with Ali, are great guys to talk about Indonesia and its future. It was a wonderful talk (below are their pictures).

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