Curriculum Vitae

Alongside his formal education in Islamic studies, Arif Maftuhin actively sought a variety of educational and training opportunities that have significantly influenced his academic path. In 2005, he received the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, which enabled him to earn a Master's degree in International Political Studies (MAIS) from the renowned University of Washington in the United States. His dedication to learning also led him to participate in community development training at McGill University in 2004, further broadening his skill set. In 2013, he obtained an advocacy and facilitator training certification from St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, reinforcing his expertise in these crucial areas. This impressive pursuit of knowledge continued, and in 2021, Arif Maftuhin was awarded a distinguished scholarship from the European Union to undertake a postdoctoral program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Arif Maftuhin's commitment to linguistic excellence is evident from his completion of the Ta'hil Muallimin diploma program in Arabic language at LIPIA, Jakarta, in 2001. Additionally, he enhanced his English language skills through training at the University of California, Davis, in 2005. Beyond his academic pursuits, Arif Maftuhin is an active contributor to the academic community, frequently speaking at various forums and leading educational writing training sessions. His dedication to promoting inclusivity and advocating for individuals with disabilities highlights his character and leadership qualities.