Packaging for Hawaiian Conference

I will leave for Hawaii tomorrow early morning. It's gonna be a long trip, from 7.20am to 5.00pm (I have to transfer in Los Angeles, taking 3 hours stop).

My American co-worker asked me if I really wanna go to Hawaii. "Really?" Hawaii is a tropical island, it's kind of going home, it's like Indonesia (the weather I mean). And it might be like Bali for its tourism. So, Hawaii is not a "really" place I wanna go. "Where then?" she asked me. If I got a free ticket, Arizona and its Grand Canyon is the place I like more to go.

Yes, "free ticket" is important to mention. Because I am not kinda "traveler guy". I love traveling, but I don't think I would spend my money just for traveling. I don't know if someday I will do that, but for now... no way.

I am lucky that my department provided me a travel grant for this trip. Southeast Asia Center will also provide additional grant to cover my budget. And the trip is for free -- and FOR a conference. This is the website of the conference.

Well, I have written a paper for a class in the Fall quarter. It's about rebellions in Aceh and Mindanao. It is this paper of this ethno-religous conflict class that I will present in the conference.

Anyway, I will post some stories and pictures from the conference as soon as I have things to post. Aloha!

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