Membincang kritik Nalar Islam Muhammaed Arkooun

Dari Nalar Ushuli ke Nalar Interdisiplin: 
Studi atas Implikasi Kritik Nalar Islami Mohammed Arkoun
Hermenia: Jurnal Kajian Islam Interdisipliner
Vol 3, No. 1 Januari-Juni 2004
Hal. 125-141
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Realizing that it is impossible to describe completely one thought in any analysis, this paper tries to discuss Mohammed Arkoun's thought in the case of Quranic reading and its implication to the Usuli Quranic reading. The paper begins with a review on the history of Mohammed Arkoun the background of his thought and the critical points in which he, as he always says, problematisize Islamic thought. It seems that modernism and all the problems it implied are the central point in Mohammed Arkoun's thought. He was astonished by modern France that is so confidence, dominating, and proud of its revolutionary steps. At the same time, he was disturbed by the fact of Islamic societies that is not only militarily, but also economically, culturally, and intellectually weak. From this, Arkoun begins his criticism. Of his criticism is critique de la raison islamique. This paper elaborates the crticism and its implication to the way of which Ushul Fiqh reads Quranic verses. In the final analysis, it seem that Ushul Fiqh, and Islamic thought in general, need to expand their mind by welcoming new ideas from contemporary studies, especially humanities and social studies. Arkoun can be an example for that.

Key Words: Nalar Ushuli, Nalar Interdisiplin,Kritik Nalar Islami Dari Nalar Ushuli Ke Nalar Interdisiplin:Studi Atas Implikasi Kritik Nalar IslamiMohammed Arkoun.

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