Kitab al-Uns al-Jalil

Makam Pengarang di Yerusalem

 al-Uns al-Jalil bi-tarikh al-Quds wal-Khalil 

Tentang Pengarang:
Mujīr al-Dīn al-'Ulaymī (Arabic: مجير الدين العليمي) ‎(1456–1522), often simply Mujir al-Din, was a Jerusalemite qadi. Commonly known simply as Mujir al-Din or the Ibn Quttainah, he was born 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad al-'Ulaymi (Arabic: مجير الدين عبدالرحمن الحنبلي العليمي الشهير بأبن قطينه) during the period of Mamluk rule over Palestine into a family of notables native to the city of Jerusalem.

Among his many nisbas is al-Hanbali, referring to the Islamic school of thought to which he adhered. Another is al-'Umari, denoting that his ancestral lineage traces back to 'Umar ibn al-Khattāb (c. 590–644), the second Rashidun caliph. This nisba and a third, the shuhra ("nickname") of al-'Ulaymi, indicate his association with a prominent 15th century Jerusalemite family of Hanbali scholars and judges, one of whom was the chief Hanbali judge of the city, Shams al-Din al-'Umari al-'Ulaymi. (wikipedia)

Artikel tentang Pengarang:
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