Spring "Revolution"

It's another break; and it's another change.

I am actually overwhelmed with my personal dateline to finish my final paper just before the spring quarter begin. I have been doing research and making some significant shifts to it. It is almost 90% shift since I move from a comparative approach to a historical approach. It is better than getting stuck though.

While doing this, I find it desirable to make another change in my blog. The need is to shorten its vertical float so that it is more apt to the increasingly use of wide-screen monitor. Now, I got this hacked three columns and some other hacks. Hopefully it can adapt to the new needs. It's not revolution; but rather "revolution"...

Learning from what has been going on in the blogging world, I am gonna add some blogging-tips in my "friends hub" from what I found on websites elsewhere. If you are a blogspot user, and love learning hacks, just check with it.

Okay guys, have a great spring break!

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