Focus on final paper, loving Indonesia

A friend of mine in Florida (Pulung) is under pressure... You can tell if you read his blog. I am better than him that I just need to work on one dateline. But, still, it is not easy because after all I have to work from scratch.

Now, I have been passing my own due date. I have to catch up this week what I should finish last quarter. I can imagine that if this was not something required to finish my school I bet I will not finish it.

The earlier proposal was not working because I have to contact and interviews Indonesians. While I am here, the only way to interview them is to make calls. It is still workable but it seems too much energy that I have to devote. So, I decide to cancel it.

Now, I have the new one. It is more historical and I don't need to talk to people. I just need to read and interpret literature in Indonesian politics during Suharto. The good part is, I am amazed by the dynamics we as a nation have been through; we are really a great nation and any Indonesian should be proud of that.

During the revolution (1945-1950), it was only because we love this country that 110 million people living in hundreds or thousands Islands can be united to fight against the returning Dutch.

Anyway, I have to get back to my paper.

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