My International Class

My "World Politics" class is really a "world class". With a hundred students in the class, we have students from almost all major countries in the world.

For example, today we screened a movie about Bosnian conflicts, No Man's Land (about the movie, click here), whose story is about two Bosnian Muslims and one Serbian soldier trapped in a tranch, a land between enemy lines. They don't kill each other because they are simply not a bad guy in the both sides and wounded. The Serb has no idea abut using the gun, doesn't know his own friend, and, ironically, he knows well a girl the Muslim Bosnian once was in love with. The movie is, I think, just a comedy about the war to mock ironies to show that war is not worth fighting.

Anyway, what I like is than whenever we discuss one part of the world, we always have somebody from that part. Today, two students from Sarajevo and Mostart (spelling?) share their experience about the war and comment the movie. Last week, when we discuss North Korean threat, we have students from South Korea to share what the south think about North Korea. When we discussed Iran, we have some Iranian-American students. In this way, I am lucky to learn from people of nations of the world.

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