Our Peace March

Is there anything we can do for the Middle East? Many, one of them is going to the street for rally and march. After Jumah Prayer today, I followed the crowd, hundreds of Muslims, for peace rally from Northgate Masjid, walking down 5 blocks to Northgate Mall and walking back to the masjid.

What I love about America is that even though it was a rally by Muslims for the sake of their Muslim brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Palestine, many other Americans joined Muslims in the rally. Some were eighty years old ladies as old as my grandma, walking slowly but eagerly, supporting our Muslim cause. That was really encouraging.

Surely, they must have various intentions in their minds: some maybe are democrats who want to win Muslim voters' hearts, some are really American dovish who see war as an American form of imperialism, whatever their intentions, it doesn't matter though. The thing is that we stand together to stop the war.

And exactly it also doesn't mean that all Americans are as nice as them. When we were walking down the streets, most of them show peace sign with their hand, but really I found one guy who show f**k sign with his hand from the car. We just laughed seeing him. "He must be a Jew!" said one of my friends. Yes, it could be. It is a war, so everybody has right to show an opinion; but a "f**k" is really provocative.

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