The Danger of Religious Extrimism

Hey, I need to clarify firstly that I use "extremism" to avoid the now more political language, "fundamentalism". So, what I mean is a view that hold religious teachings beyond their appropriate context. It can be the case when you focus your religiosity on your God, such too many praying or too many fasting; or it is also true when you use your religious belief beyond yourself, to judge other people with your religious belief; or thinking about other people in your religious line of thinking.

For that last point (italic) I am going to make notes now; but I am not talking about my fellow Islamists; but rather their enemy: this guy in the picture and all his-men.

I don't deny that there is a threat from Islamic extremism. On the contrary, I agree but I want to include a more broader sense of "religious extremism", not only "Islamic extremism".

Well, let's put this perspective on the Israel-Lebanon case. What did really detonate this war? The kidnapping? No, but a power to dominate justified by an extremist interpretation of religious texts and teaching.

First, what was the justification of the establishment of the Israeli State? Yes, you're right: an interpretation of biblical narration about King Solomon and Israel Kingdom. What makes US lets Israel pound Lebanon? Again, a narration in the Bible, a biblical prophecy that Bush and many evangelist Christians believe about "the final class". What drive Muslim world condemn Israel? Yes a religious solidarity, the Islamic brotherhood.

I agree that we SHOULD not see the conflict as a religious conflict; but we cannot deny that some of us (both Muslim, Christians, and Jews) really base their actions on their religious belief. When all the believers think in this way... Believe me, there will be no peace in the world. We should think about servicing God in an appropriate way.

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