One Way Communication

Look at this picture. Read what they are bringing. The placards read "AS THE REAL TERRORIST".

If I were American or other English speakers, I would ask, "what a hell they mean by as the real terrorist?"
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Worse, if we read the placard completely, from top till bottom, it will read, "Laa ilaha illa Allah. Hizbuttahir Indonesia as The real Terrorist". Oh...

Why don't these Hizbuttahrir members write "US", instead of AS, is the real terrorist or US the real Terrorist? It is surely a small mistake but, to me, it really conveys a one way communication between the US and Muslim world. Muslims still think in their very own language while they want to deliver a message to their foe. In the picture it can mean literally (mixing Bahasa Indonesia and English) and terminologically (not giving even a little understanding that terrorism is a real threat).

I don't blame them because I do understand that the US, on the other hand, think likewise in its own way about the world. The people who are now in charge in Washington just think about the rest of the world in their deep paranoia toward Islamic world.

The latest example is their position toward the Islamic movement now capturing the capital of Somalia. Somalia has been torn by the civil war for 15 years. And now a group of pious Muslims (I will not call them fundamentalist) committed to their country take over the capital and try to establish peace. It is a good news for many Somalians (my roommate is one of them). However, Americans react negatively. Both those who are in the government or media react carefully and worry about the rise of a second Taliban.

I just think again and again why they can not think other way? Islamist or not would depend on the way the US deal with them. If the US deal with them friendly, they will not be an American enemy. They can be a good friend instead. Don't the US think how fundamentalist Saudi Arabia is? I would argue that Saudi is more fundamentalist than any other Islamic countries; however, it is the best friend the US has in the Middle East.

So, let's think and talk and build a two-ways communication. We can no longer live with our own paranoia.

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