The Da Vinci Code

Having watched the movie, I simply think that I am likely not a good movie analyst. We have been waiting this movie with many speculations, controversy, and questions, but finally... as many critics say, the movie is boring.

My first impression is that Robert Langdon, the semiotician, is too smart. He easily figures out symbolic text left by Jacques Saunière, a member of Priory of Sion, before he was killed by a member of Opus Dei.

Robert ably figures out two difficult codes in a very short and critical time (I would call it "very bollywood"). O, Draconian Devil means "Leonardo Da Vinci" and it then means Monalisa. The second is so dark the con of man that mean madonna of the rock, another Da Vinci's painting, where Sonier put a key.

Its plot only reminds me to another detective-genre movie I watched before, the National Treasure (Nicholas Cage). The ways characters of the movie figure out the puzzle are nearly similar to those of National Treasure.

The scene where The Da Vinci Code is interpreted explains nothing new. Another documentary movie that I have watched before, Unlocking Da Vinci's Code, even has more explained detailed aspects of Da Vinci work revealing the relation between Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

Still, the movie has some interesting scenes. My favorite is the last scene when Robert asks Sophie, the living descendant of Jesus but an agnostic, about what she will do. "Well, so here is the question: as a living descendant of Jesus Christ, will she destroy it; or will she renew it?" Yes, if finally we meet someone like her, what is her/his importance to Christians?

Muslims have long time praised the descendants of their prophets (ahl al-bayt), but we also do know that descendent is nothing. Some of his descendants are worse than other Muslims. Their blood relation with the prophet guarantee nothing of their religiosity and piousness.

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