Islam Online: Ormas Islam di Dunia Maya

Islam Online: Ormas-ormas Islam Indonesia di Dunia Maya
Penagama: Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Ilmu-ilmu Agama
Vol. XIX, No 1, Januari-April 2010
Hal. 133-149
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The Internet has changed the world in many ways. One of the phenomena created by the Internet is the presence of virtual religions: either online religion or religion online. All religions have undergone this process of “virtualization” and Islam is indeed no exception. The radical Muslim jihadis use the Internet to promote their causes, the clerics go online to release their religious opinions and the lay searches more quickly accesses to religious knowledge and authorities. While the Internet has also significantly transformed the ways of understanding and practicing religion here in Indonesia, little has been done academically to understand these changes. Studies in virtual religion are developing in other parts of the world and they are underdeveloped here in Indonesia and about Islam Indonesia. This paper seeks to explore some faces of Indonesian Islam in the Internet through the websites of Indonesian Muslim organizations. 

Looking at the history of the Internet in Indonesia, it finds that Indonesian Muslims have never been reluctant to accept the Internet. The Islamic organizations adapted it for their own benefit as soon as the Internet network was installed in the country. Studying on the features available in their websites, this paper finds that Muslim organizations may use the Internet to deliver their messages, reach-out their members and wider audience, and provide religious materials, such as sermons, and other knowledge resources. Although some of them remain using the basic features of the web, others have quickly adopted the more interactive use of the web (a.k.a. Web 2.0). Now the Internet has became a necessary part of any Muslim organizations to exist in the real world.

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