Back to the block

Back to the blog. It's been almost two years, from the days I returned to Indonesia, that I left my blog mostly without new post. Things have chaged and I have not able to adapt with the new activities as a father of my children and as a colleague teacher. Things have gone out of my full control.

Now, I am back. I am back too to my facebook.

The problem surely is not that there was nothing interesting to write about Yogyakarta and Indonesia. Many, I can tell. But, the problem is time. It was a kind of a new life again when I was back to Indonesia. Two years without my wife and children, I was a [temporary] single individual having only one major activity: study. In that way, I have more time to blog. Now, I am a father and I have to teach a lot of classes in my university. Blogging has became a fancy thing to do.

If I am now back to the blog. It is simply because I am trying to manage my time better. There are still tons to work on, but what can I do for a change in my 34th year if I just let them run in a way that I don't expect?

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