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It has been more than three weeks that I have not written on this blog. It is necessary to know that I am still an active blogger; even though I did not post any writing on this blog; I do it for another blog:, the blog I created for a class I teach at the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga.

Furthermore, I got involved in some projects require my extra work. They include a research on Javanese Muslim in Jogja, a translation project, and a workshop.

Needless to tell, the exhausting “project” I have never imagined before: taking care my children. You know, it is really exhausting as I have to drive them on daily basis. Every morning, I drive my first child to her school and then drive my second child to my university. At the late afternoon, I then pick-up the second child (the first one is picked by her mom). You know, I don’t even teach that much.

Next week, I will get more job as I have to teach two more classes. You know what I don’t have a choice for this. A lecturer assigned to teach classes has resigned and somebody has to replace him. I won’t to replace him because I am really not a person able to do that job. So, the more capable lecturer has to replace him and because she also has classes that she cannot teach simultaneously I am appointed to replace her.

The class is an English class. I am certainly not the best guy to teach; even I might be not the good one. I do have experience though and I think you can trust me in teaching the class. At least I have commitment to do the best and student can rely on me.

Ok guys. I have to prepare the class and I will be excited to know the students.

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