I lost my chellphone

Cellphone has been part of our life and it goes wherever we go. Because of its small size, however, it is very likely going to be like a key for us. How many times you forget where you put your key? How many times have you ever lost your key? Cellphone, in this way, is like our keys.

Becuase of the different purposes, I have been bringing two cellphones, a CDMA phone for my flexi's number; and a gsm phone for my IM3's number. It is certainly not to show off. In Indonesia, we need to have those numbers to keep our communication budget low. Flexi is good to call landline numbers; while IM3 is cheap to do messaging. It is really economical way to have two cellphones.

The risk of having two cellphones, however, is high. C'mon... I have never been able to keep all my pens if I have two. Usually I lose one of them. So, it happens to my cellphones, I lost one.

Well. I will buy its replacement anyway.

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