Dude, I am "coming home"

I just called my mother back home in Indonesia because I wanted to talk about my brother. Yes, it's just a family stuff and I will not write about that. It was raining now there in my village and with my bad connection through skype, we both had to talk louder.

"Koq yo pas lho. Aku lagi ndeloki gambarmu ki." My mother said "I am looking at your picture now." It sounds weird to hear that she needs to look at my picture (does my mom miss me?). It is more like in a movie in a scene when a mother desperately looks at a picture of her son who lives far away from her -- I imagined.

"Mbak Mah wae sampek bolak-balik nelpon ngomongi aku kon rono ndelok fotomu." Mbak Mah is my neighbour. She called my mom insisting that my mom need to see the picture. But, why does she has my picture? Strange huh?

Then, she told me that my picture is on the front page of Jawa Pos, the largest paper in Eastern Indonesia. Oh!... I know, Redhi must do this. Redhi is a reseacher with Jawa Pos. Two or three weeks ago, he and a politician from PPP visited Seattle. One of his programs was to understand how American Muslims live their lives here.

My roommate is the president of Muslim Student Association in the University of Washington. When those Indonesians were going to meet him, he asked me if I can join them. Well, I was more than happy to do so. I was late though because I had to attend my research class.

Redhi did not write the meeting (he may think it was a boring meeting discussing politics and terrorism). He instead wrote our diner that night. We were invited by "Bu" Arlene, the wive of the late Indonesianist Daniel Lev, to have a dinner at her lovely house in Capitol Hill.

So, to read the full story from Redhi, visit this link: http://jawapos.co.id/index.php?act=detail&id=8536
You know, I am like going home just earlier because of this newspaper article.
Huh. But, I am still 48 days away from the real going home.

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