Hi, this was my school!!

Oh, it's like the years passed are coming again vividly in my mind. This article is written by one of guests visiting my school in 1999 (I graduated in 1993). Being active in the student board, I was active in welcoming and guiding our guests, like this one.

During the years I was there, my school provided 3 days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) within weekdays for visitors (we only have one weekend day, Sunday). Every week, never had we passed these 3 days without any guest. My school was the place where other high schools in the country or students in schools of education visiting to learn our success story (please read the article below to know what the story is about).

To the visitors, we show them our laboratories, our facilities, and our activities. As a student, I gave a "walking" presentation about what we were doing. Some of my guests became kinda close "friend", in the sense that we kept in touch following the visit. Pak Muhtarom from a high school in Solo (a city located in an 18 hours driving away from my school), for example, was my great help when I finally moved to the city for my colleague years.

It was really incredible experience to be part of this high school; and this article just moves my heart back home!!!

Phillip Rekdale
September 9th, 1999

MAN 1 is a religious school situated in Jember, about a 3 1/2 hour drive east of Surabaya, East Java. These photos of relaxed, happy, smiling students may look fairly typical of any school in Indonesia however, this is where the resemblance ends.
For his complete story, click this.

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