Inside Man

Denzel Washington is a great actor. Who can simply forget his roles in Malcolm-X, Philadelphia, The Pelican Brief, and other incredible movies. Jodie Foster, another great name in the movie, is a two-time Academy-Award-winning. Still Clive Owen we know, among others, from his excellent role in Sin City.

When a movie is full of such talented and great stars, what are we going to expect? Sure, worth watching movie.

But, believe me, that is not true about Inside Man. Well, Washington does show his acting throughout the movie, but the character he plays is not that strong. Ms Foster appears a couple times and just shows a limited role in the movie. The movie would go smoothly even if Jodie was not there. Much less, the "cool" Briton Owen has to use his mask in most part of the movie. If you watch this movie because of its great names, don't waste your money.

But, wait a minute. I would say that the movie is very excellent. It is 4 stars movie (out of 5). Forget who play and enjoy the story. Being disappointed watching the supposedly romantic, but stupid movie two days ago, Lake House (in which Sandra Bullock and Keanue Reeves meet again after their 90's hit, Speed), Inside Man really pays.

Ok, to respect your right to watch the movie, I will not tell you how the story goes. But, I really want to appreciate the director and the writer of this movie. I like scenes of interrogation where very interesting characters play a kind of "daily realities" we are familiar with: the Sikh guy who complain about his turban; the kid with his handy SonyPS, the sexy Latino, an Asian American with iPod, and... when the technology savvy police gives a pen with audio recorder, she said thing now familiar with us: instead of acting like James Bond, she said, "Ha.. you can get it from Amazon[.com]!"

Well, I do recommend you to watch this movie: smart and entertaining!

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