Hezbollah: terrorist or civil society group?

From the "day one" of the cease fire in Lebanon, I have been so amazed by what happen since. We had been already amazed by the military capability of Hezbollah. Surviving 34 days of war is unimaginable.

Well the spectacle of Hezbollah's military victory has not been over yet, but Hezbollah has moved fast again after the war. The beginning days of the cease-fire show another spectacle that none of any political pandits have ever predicted before.

Most analysis were focused on whether or not Hezbollah can be disarmed. None thought or predicted that Hezbollah would take a humanitarian respond after the war. As you see in the pictures, Hezbollah members, men and women, clean the roads, collecting the data of destructed houses, and, more than any people expected, Hezbollah distributed money for those who need to rebuild their houses, with amount equal to $12,000!

So, is it a terrorist organization? Yes it is but only in the sense that what Hezbollah did militarily really has terrorized US and Israel; and what it is doing now in reconstructing Lebanon even more terrorizing for them. Are the Lebanese and other than two those two countries terrorized? The fact is talking...

I would argue that, if it did not have a military wing, Hezbollah is a model of very strong civil society...

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