The Context Matters

The bus was silent before this man and his three children got on the bus. As usual, nobody talk. Then, his children started to talk loudly, standing on the seat and beating the bus' window. Noisy and disturbing. The father looks careless, letting his children do whever they did. Even, when one of the kids peed there.

Some people begun to see each other, communicating with their eyes and gestures as if they said "Some one has to ask the father take care of his children." They felt inconvenient with the situation.
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One of the women in the bus, looks very annoyed, then moved closer to the father and said, "Would you please take care of your kids, sir?"

No response. And she repeated again, "Sir, would you please take care of your children?"

The man said, without any expression, "No."

"Why?" the annoyed women ask.

"My mind is not here. I don't care about what they are doing because I am thinking about their mom now." He said.

"You should not be like that. It is a public place. They are disturbing us," the women said.

"I am sorry for that. But I just lost their mom. She passed away 10 minutes ago in the hospital," he said.

Do you think the people on the bus are still annoyed with these kids? Blaming the "careless" dad... I think you would agree with me. They must soon have changed their mind about the kids and the poor man after knowing the context why that man did not care about his kids. Context can change our mind easily and we should not deny that....

(I got the story from today sermon in Northgate Mosque).

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