Hizbuttahrir and the American right wing

I have had a hot debate with my Hizbut Tahrir buddy on establishing khilafah. When we reach a point of no agreement, I mockingly said, "OK. If you want to establish this khilafah, I insist from now that I will not live in this khilafah. I prefer to live in the US than in your khilafah."

His response is interesting, "You know Arif, the US will be part of this khilafah, it is only a matter of time when Americans embrace this religion. The America you prefer to live in would be an integral part of khilafah."

Surprised by this answer, I was thinking how far they dream about this world. I would not say that such a dream is utopian; but, it is not realistic bro! My American roommate even do not believe that such "miracle" would happen for even next a hundred year.

Wait a minute. Have you ever heard another Muslim group who believe that American hegemony will not last for longer time? Referring to American leftists, this Muslim group use their argument and believe that America will collapse soon because of its hegemonic and unilateral behavior.

To be honest, I had used to be in that position until last quarter. However, my understanding has changed. America or not America is not the issue. Perhaps we don't like American behavior, but such hegemonic behavior is "natural" and understandable in the world affairs. It is now America, it was Britain, it was Rome, it was Pharaoh... There is always such a state who behaves unilaterally like this if America didn't.

Do we think that China, the supposed next power, will behave differently? C'mon... The US, I think, is still tolerable unless we want a worse hegemon (do I sound so American here? ha.. ha... ha)

In addtition, to make the case worse, if we combine the Hizbut Tahrir's idea and the leftist one altogether, the argument would read: America would be a khilafah and at this time it would collapse (oh... no... just kidding)

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