Siti Nurhaliza

For many in the Southeast Asia, Siti Nurhaliza is a diva. For me, she is the only female singer I would love to spend money for her albums. She may be unknown here, in the US, but in Malaysia. Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei (where Malay is spoken), everyone knows this Malaysian singer due to her unique beautiful voice. Her performance is simple and "very Malay", touching heart of those who miss a traditional Malay woman. As an entertainer, she really shows her superb voice. Therefore, when she will get married with an old guy, many feel a broken-heart (like me... ha.. ha.. ha..).

How can this "innocent" girl, the baby-face, get married with a "bad" guy, Datuk "K" (Datuk Khalid Muhamad Jiwa)? It is NOT FAIR!! I am fine if she doesn't choose me -- I am maried anyway; however, at least she deserves more than that Datuk, doesn't she? (huh!)

Anyway, who is Siti Nurhaliza? Here is the information I found in Wikipedia:
She was born in Berek Polis Kg. Awah, Temerloh, Malaysia. Siti Nurhaliza's family performed at many local ceremonies at their hometown, such as weddings. At the age of twelve, Siti began to learn traditional songs from her mother, and thus went on nickesh singing at special occasions.

Later, as she continued to work on her singing, she participated in numerous local singing competitions. At 16, she competed in the 1995 RTM Juara Bintang competition. While there, she met Adnan Abu Hassan, a locally-famous composer. He tutored her and helped her with her vocal performance, thereby helping her to win the contest. After that, she was granted a contract with Suria Records, where Adnan worked, and in 1996 released her first album, Siti Nurhaliza. Making her first album was a challenge because she had to balance working on her album while preparing for and taking the SPM examination. Despite this, her first album was a great success, and this would pave the way for her extremely successful future albums.

After her first album, Siti Nurhaliza became a well-known figure in Malay pop culture and soon to be a Malaysian Pop Idol. She continued to have numerous hits, her songs spanning a broad range of genres, such as pop, R & B, and traditional Malay. Her voice and lyrics proved popular with teenagers throughout Malaysia. Because of this appeal, she has garnered numerous awards during her career.

Recently, even though competing artists, such as Ning Baizura, Mawi, Dayang Nurfaizah and Misha Omar, have been challenging Siti's position at the top of the Malay pop industry, she remains extremely popular in Malaysia.

Siti held a successful solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London in April 2005, although the majority of the audience were Malaysians living in the United Kingdom and Malaysians traveling to see the concert. She was the second Malaysian singers after Sudirman Arshad.

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