Ramadan in America

Suzallo Library, 16.08, menunggu Maghrib.

This is the second day I have my fasting in the US. Sound challenging and difficult, but, really, I am very well and no problem to face. It is as easy as in Indonesia.

Even, I can say that fasting Ramadhan here is much easier than in Indonesia. Why? The weather is cold (14C), and the time is relatively adjustable. I have my sahur on 05.30 (sound interesting alright?) and maghrib at 6.45, not to mention that I will have my fast-breaking at 6.15 next two weeks.

What about taraweh? Never imagine that as a minority we don't have big enough community to have a Masjid (my fellow muslim here prefer to use Masjid to Mosque). This is the first masjid has an "Islamic architecture" in the west cost of US. And I live only two blocks (500m) from the mosque.

As I've ever told you, I pray jamaah more here than in Indonesia. We have more than 75 male Muslims in the first floor praying tarawih and fast-breaking together (I don't really know how many women are in the second floor).Instead of the Mosque, I also have buka bersama in the university.

Even tough it is small number, we have buka bersama in the university's cafe with many brothers coming from around the world! Only for Sahur I have to cook preparing my food (and I am not a good cooker).

But it's OK, as far as I have my indofood instant spices, I will have Indonesian taste in my plate. The only spice that I can not find here is my wife's spice: her smile, it is more delicious than any food and I miss her!

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