Economist punya laporan khusus ttg Arab

Majalah Economist edisi terbaru menurunkan laporan khusus tentang dunia Arab. Ini adalah laporan menarik yang wajib dibaca bila Anda ingin memahami wilayah paling "panas" di dunia saat ini. Berikut saya kutipkan beberapa poin penting dari laporan tersebut:

“THE Arab world is more or less a vicious circle. None of its problems will be solved soon. All these troubles have the capacity to reinvent themselves.” So says Ali al-Din Hillal Dessouki, a former minister and senior figure in Egypt’s ruling party. This special report opened by arguing that the causes of conflict in the Arab world—the competition for energy, the conflict with Israel, the weakness of Arab statehood and the stagnation of politics—are taking on the characteristics of a chronic condition. But they are not just chronic. They are also connected to each other, and self-reinforcing.

Di bagian lain ditulis:

The Arabs are a dynamic and inventive people whose long and proud history includes fabulous contributions to art, culture, science and, of course, religion. The score of modern Arab states, on the other hand, have been impressive mainly for their consistent record of failure.

Di bagian lain lagi

By comparison with the regimes and the Islamist movements, the secular opposition parties are at a particular disadvantage. Their awful dilemma is dissected in a forthcoming book (“Getting to Pluralism”, Carnegie Middle East Centre) by Amr Hamzawy and Marina Ottaway. The regimes, the authors point out, can offer their supporters the patronage of the state. The Islamists can offer theirs charity and social services through the mosques. The secular parties have no such favours to dole out. Nor, in truth, do they have much ideological fire in their bellies. The causes that propelled them in the glory days are either redundant (independence from colonial masters) or discredited (the pan-Arabism of Gamal Abdul Nasser or the Baathism of Syria and Iraq).

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