Sambal Terasi di Seattle

You will not believe it. I found terasi in Uwajimaya, a Seattle-based Asian store. When I returned to Indonesia last month, I was thinking about how to bring terasi and keep it. I love this food much and I had been staying here for 8 months without this favorite food.

I know that we can find blacan (terasi in Malay word) in some Vietnamese stores here. However, because I have never gone there, I didn't think that I will buy it.

Last week, I was surprised that I can find this blacan in Uwajimaya. I had to think at that time if I need to buy it or not, because, you know, as friend of mine said, "Its smell goes beyond space and time". Would I? Yes I would. I will try as hard as possible to keep its smeel away from our kitchen.

Now, I can eat this blacan, cooking it with tomato to serve sambal terasi. Wah, enaaak tenan.

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